Peep This Fake ‘Stranger Things’ Point-And-Click We Madly Wish Was Legit

Without even a single hint of hyperbole, ‘Stranger Things‘ is the single greatest artistic cultural artefact ever created by human civilisation and will stand the test of time as the most perfect thing created by man long after we are all dead. OK, so maybe there was a little bit of hyperbole in that, but it’s very, very good.

A perfect homage to John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg and just the 80s in general, ‘Stranger Things‘ is all of the good things about retro movies and TV jammed into one amazing Netflix series. If you’ve seen it you should be nodding your head in violent agreement, if you haven’t you need to close this article and watch it immediately. 
With its bevy of interesting characters and multi-layered mystery, the show lends itself perfectly to that oft-maligned genre of video game: the point-and-click adventure. 
Obviously, because this is 2016 and no one makes them anymore, one doesn’t exist, but we can console ourselves (get it) with this beautiful mockup by Australian game dev Jacob Janerka.

Featuring Hopper, Joyce Byers and the the Demogorgon in both the Byers living room and a beautifully pixelly Upside Down. I don’t know if you’ve tried to do pixel art before but that shit is hard and young Jacob has done an incredible job.
There’s no real game in sight but for now we can gaze at its beauty and maybe fire off a couple of emails petitioning for it to become real. 
Source and photo: Twitter.