Perth’s Finest Dacre Montgomery Confirms ‘Stranger Things’ S3 Will Get “Dark” For Billy

Stranger Things

Judging from the final trailer for the upcoming third season of Netflix‘s 80s sci-fi drama Stranger Things, it seems pretty clear that Billy Hargrove, played by Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery, has a huge season ahead.

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While Season 2 mostly consisted of the mulleted heartthrob driving around in a souped-up car smoking ciggies and kicking over bins, this trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 definitely very much implies that the big bad monster, known as the Mind Flayer, might just choose young Billy to be its host in the non-Upside Down world.

Stranger Things

Not great for the plucky teens of Hawkins, Indiana, who thought they’d banished that shit in Season 2.

PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted to Dacre recently and though he obviously couldn’t reveal, well, anything really about Stranger Things Season 3, he dropped a lot of hints about Billy’s “arc” in the upcoming episodes.

I think everything about Billy will surprise you. They’ve written me the role I could’ve always asked for in this season, I think in a lot of ways. For my character there’s a lot of darkness but a really good payoff at the end. I’m really excited to see the reaction, more than anything else. I think everyone will get the high stakes that they want… this season has a lot of light and dark.

As for the mullet, Dacre confirms “it’s longer and flowier” in this new season of Stranger Things, but also sadly confirms it is not his real hair but a very convincing wig. Ah, the magic of television.

Stranger Things Season 3 premieres July 4 on Netflix.

Stranger Things