Patrick Swayze dies, age 57.

‘Patrick Swayze to star in Ghost remake, apparently.’

‘Darren will forever remember Patrick Swayze as the paedophile from Donnie Darko.’

Ah thanks twitter and facebook for completely undermining any genuine feelings of loss and sadness we may have when a star dies!

My first memories of Patrick Swayze were when my Mum forced us to watch ‘Road house’ over and over on slo-mo just because you got to see Patrick’s naked bum.

But sadly Patrick Swayze has passed away today after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was only 57, and passed away with his family by his side. Best remembered for his roles in Dirty Dancing, Point Break and Ghost he was a favourite of mums all around the globe.

On the bright side, let’s think about the potential reunion of Patrick and Chris Farley up in the clouds so that all the angels can finally witness the Chippendales skit first hand.

Chris Farley – Chippendales