Someone Wants To Turn ‘Ghost’ Into A Television Series

A megalomaniacal suit in Hollywood’s TV division has decided to forgo fresh original content ideas in exchange for resurrecting (pun intended) one of the classic Patrick Swayze acting masterclasses involving a tough but vulnerable man with little need for shirts movies of the Eighties, Ghost, as a television series.

According to a report in Slash Film:
Paramount is finally getting around to remaking the hit 1990 film, Ghost. However, it won’t be for the big screen, it’ll be for television. Writers Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner (who worked together on Fringe) are attached to adapt the film [into a television series], which is about a murder victim who attempts to solve the crime, and reconnect with his girl, as a ghost. No network is attached and only a pilot is in the works.

The concept behind the Academy Award-winning romantic thriller – as noted above – centres around a murdered man (played in the film by Patrick Swayze) who is trapped on earth as a ghost attempting to unravel the mystery behind his death while trying to contact his wife (Demi Moore) through the help of a wise cracking con-artist/unwitting psychic (Whoopi Goldberg). This story doesn’t work as a serialised OR episodic tv series because the real tension that motivates the entire film is solving his mystery (after which he gets to kiss his hot wife as he floats into the afterlife wearing a benevolent blue glow). It’s like when the Nanny and Mister Sheffield finally got it on, there was nowhere else for the show to go and the tension steadily deflated until all that was left was a sequined Moschino wardrobe on a Jewish Noo Yawk trope.


If they somehow found a way to repeat this scene in each episode I could potentially get behind it, though.