In an interview with NewsCorp, former entertainment reporter for the Today ShowMichele Mahone, has alleged that she was sexually assaulted in Hollywood by Patrick Swayze.

Mahone says she was working as a makeup artist for Disney when she met the actor.

Patrick Swayze came in for an interview, and the whole time all he did was talk about how fantastic his wife was.

At the end of his interview, I asked him if he wanted his make-up removed.

I went back to the room, and put my left hand up to lift his fringe off his face, while I removed his makeup with my right hand.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me in and started kissing me. I was completely shocked. He wouldn’t let go. His hand moved behind my head, and it was a really forceful kiss.

She says that after she pushed him off, Swayze said, “Oh, this doesn’t mean we can’t work together.

However, she was never hired to work with Disney again. She says that the experience left her rattled and shaking. 

Mahone also alleges that she was assaulted by an unnamed would-be collaborator, who invited her to his house and tried to put his hand up her shirt, resulting in a “full-on fight“. Apparently, she had to threaten to drive through the man’s gates in order to get him to open them.

She says that the wave of allegations being shared in the wake of Harvey Weinstein‘s outing as a serial sexual harasser have opened the way for her to speak out about her experiences – and that she wouldn’t have, if he hadn’t already been ruined.

Everybody knew about him, but no one said anything because they want to work.

You do not speak out. You don’t say anything. Because the person that brings in the most money wins. Period.

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