Paris & Taj Jackson Are Super Pissed Off W/ Joseph Fiennes’ MJ Portrayal

The daughter and nephew of Michael Jackson have taken to Twitter to express their dismay over MJ‘s portrayal in upcoming British TV comedy Urban Myths.
A trailer released yesterday features Joseph Fiennes – a white guy, just in case anyone had any doubts – in some pretty questionable prosthetics attempting to play the King of Pop.
It’s frankly astonishing that no-one on the production considered that this might go down poorly with MJ’s legions of stalwart fans, or the world at large, let alone his still-grieving relatives.

Cop it:

The MJCast, a Michael Jackson podcast, were the first ones to contact Paris Jackson, the singer’s daughter. Turned out she had a lot to say:

Taj Jackson, MJ’s nephew, also voiced his displeasure with the debacle:
Last year, Fiennes spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his participation in the project:
The decision with the casting and the producers — I wrangled with it, I was confused and shocked at what might come my way, and I knew the sensitivity, especially to Michael’s fans and to Michael’s family.
Obviously that wrangling didn’t keep him up at night too much (read the interview – he goes on about “colourblind casting” for some time as though that’s something that is relevant at all to his career as a white bloke). 
One can only hope that his hindsight is in full colour vision, and hopefully the final product is a little less confusing for viewers – and as respectful to MJ as is possible.
Source: Vulture.
Image: YouTube.