WATCH: Check Joseph Fiennes As MJ In A Bizarre ‘9/11 Roadtrip Comedy’ Series

In January of last year, it was announced that British actor Joseph Fiennes would be playing Michael Jackson in a television movie. 
Many of us assumed that this was a biopic about Jackson’s troubled life and illustrious career, but it turns out that many of us were wrong. So very, very wrong. 
The television show has turned out to be a comedy, about a bunch of stars – Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando – going on a “wild roadtrip” together post-9/11. Christ, that was a weird sentence to write.
Apparently the trio are attempting to journey back to the West Coast in the aftermath of the terror attack in 2001. 
Fiennes barely looks like Jackson, which won’t help with the fact that there was mass controversy about the casting when it was announced.
The first trailer for ‘Urban Myths’ has just dropped, and it shows that while the roadtrip is a big focus, there’s plenty of other “true…ish stories” in there as well.
Like, for example, something about Adolf Hitler, who is played by Iwan Rheon. And Rupert Grint is also there; he’s apparently besties with Hitler! Then, there’s some people tripping balls on acid, and Bob Dylan is looking for someone called Dave
God, we’re so fucking confused.
Look, you have to watch to figure this shit out for yourself. It is… really something:
… Dunno, hey. We have no idea what is happening, and now we need 2 Nurofen and a lie down. Send help.
Source: Variety
Photo: Youtube.