Agyness Deyn and Terry Richardson Channel Michael Jackson

We were considering titling this post “Agyness Deyn and Terry Richardson Look At The Man In The Mirror” or “In Which The Inevitable Michael Jackson Inspired Fashion Shoot Doesn’t Suck”.

In the end we went with neither due to excessive cheesiness, unlike the below editorial courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar which manages to pay homage to the King Of Pop with a playful smirk and a modicum of tact. Unsurprisingly the shoot pays tribute to MJ’s quintessential sartorial touchstones: single glove, high water trousers, military jackets, white socks, loafers, Thriller era red leather jacket, a hint of bling and of course, the most fashionable accessory of them all – a primate companion named Bubbles.

Thriller Fashion modeled by Agyness Deyn and photographed by Terry Richardson is taken from Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue.