Watch Agyness Deyn Poledance In ‘Drive’ Director’s New Film ‘Pusher’

Before ‘Drive‘, before that jacket, that soundtrack, and all the Gosling; and well before ‘Bronson‘ with it’s unhinged violence and its metamorphosed Tom Hardy, director Nicolas Winding Refn produced the Pusher trilogy – three films about Danish drug (not to be confused with addictive danishes) crime in the Copenhagen underworld – the first of which has now been remade into a an English-language adaptation by Luis Prieto.

Pusher revolves around Richard Coyle’s Frank, a drug dealer with a whopping debt to settle with the mob and a mounting sense of desperation – the perfect recipe, really. Winding Refn has signed on as the executive producer of the remake, which also stars model-turned-actress-turned-Scientologist, Agyness Deyn, as a bewigged Portman-esque stripped (on account of all the wig changes) as well as Bronson Webb, Paul Kaye and Zlatko Buric, who reprises his role from the original trilogy.

Pusher looks like it has enough frenetic gun play, the perfect amount of Agyness Deyn (any amount), some killer hyper-stylised cinematography and just the right kind of a pulsing synthesised throwback soundtrack to rate it pretty highly on my must-see list.

I forgot to add, here’s another video of supermod Chanel Iman replacing runway for stripper’s pole and Lenny Kravitz steez in this artfully directed short from fashion photography duo Dusan Reljin and Hilde Pettersen Reljin.

via Collider and Nowness