Generally speaking, the standard of discourse surrounding sex and sexuality in our fair nation is on the piss-poor side, which is just one of the reasons why Osher Gunsberg‘s turn on breakfast radio this morning was so damn refreshing. 

Gunsberg, host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, meditation expert and all-round top bloke, recently joined the team on Brisbane’s hit105, and on today’s show, his co-hosts were giving the new kid a friendly-ish hazing. 

They’d hooked him up to a buzzer to asking potentially-embarrassing questions about his past exploits (FWIW, he’s a vegan but sometimes cheats when eating out), and the topic of whether he’s pashed off with men came up.

Co-host Abby asked:

“When you went on a date with your now fiancée, the first time you went on a date she didn’t even know it was a date because she thought you were gay. Have you ever experimented with the same sex?”

Without missing a beat, Osher told her:

“I’m a firm believer of the fact that you’ve got to go on all the rides at Dreamworld before you find the one you want to stay on all day. I don’t think I’m out of the ordinary by saying, yeah, I’ve pashed a few blokes but, you know, it’s not for me.” 

“I don’t believe that anyone’s … that sexuality is a polarised thing. Sexuality happens … it’s a grey, kind of moving fluid dynamic. Let’s just say your early 20s are there for a reason and the things that you test out are, you know … I’ve got no problems talking about that I’ve pashed a bloke or two.”

Osher, mate, will you accept this rose for being a top bloke, for coining the phrase ‘you’ve got to go on all the rides at Dreamworld’, and for sneaking some grown-up conversation into the wasteland that is brekky radio? 

Earlier this month, Osher announced his engagement to make-up artist Audrey Griffen via Instagram:

Super discrete on the right hand for the flight home, because we wanted the kid to be the first to know. (Holiday beard goals)

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Story: News Corp
Photo: George Pimentel / Getty