NOOOO: Osher Will Have To Skip A Bunch Of Bachelorette Eps, So What’s The Fkn Point?

Locky Gilbert having to send the contestants home on The Bachelor is sure to be a devastating scene, but we’ve got something even more heartbreaking for ya.

Channel Ten has confirmed that Osher Günsberg will be absent from several episodes of the upcoming season of The Bachelorette ‘cos he’s trapped in Melbourne due to COVID-19.

Daily Mail Australia reports that Osher has been self-isolating in Melbourne after a coronavirus outbreak last month on set of The Masked Singer, which he also hosts.

Meanwhile, the new season of The Bachelorette, starring sisters Ely and Becky Miles, is currently being filmed at a mansion in Oxford Falls, Sydney.

“He will not appear in some of the later episodes due to quarantine restrictions,” a network spokesperson revealed.

Sisters Elly and Becky Miles were announced as this year’s tandem Bachelorettes earlier this year. (Credit: Ten)

Interestingly, although though he’s missed a coupla eps, he still remains the official host of this year’s season (as he bloody well should), but the network did not confirm if they’ve recruited someone to fill in for him while he’s off.

My guess is that Osher will still be guiding the season but on a big screen via Zoom (think, the Wizard of Oz, only less creepy).

The Bachelorette is set to air later this year and I’m hella nervy ‘cos TBH, these days I only tune in to bask in Osher’s calming and radiant aura.

Is it though, Osh? IS IT???