Obama Flips His Hat On Vacay, Has Officially Clocked Out Of America 2017

The day after the inauguration, the 44th President of the United States reverted back to his non-POTUS Twitter handle to confirm he was off on a well-deserved break.

We’ve heard nary a peep from Barack and Michelle Obama since #45 took power and started morphing the presidency into some kind of dictatorship.

They’ve been sunning it up in Palm Springs, probably playing a round of golf, hitting snooze 10 or 15 times in the morning, or just not setting the damn alarm at all. Just imagine the sweet, unadorned bliss of the holiday after eight years in office. Nothing to do, no countries to appease, and absolutely no photographers on hand to capture the moment.

Until, that is, they popped over to Richard Branson‘s private island in the British Virgin Islands, and suddenly a bunch of photos of Relaxed Barack™ have popped up all over social media.

You wanna know how relaxed Obama is? He’s backwards cap and flip-flop level, that’s how relaxed he is. Dude is never coming back.

Michelle is also in vacay-mode, beach bag and all.

You might think you’ve deserved a holiday, but you’ve never ‘job so stressful for eight years straight it turned your hair grey’ deserved one.

There’s a few people who want Obama to come back, like, right bloody now.

But uh – that’s *almost* definitely not gonna happen. But if anything is just and true in this world, then Michelle and Barack are 100% going to be Beyoncé‘s twins’ godparents, though.

Photo: Getty / Alex Wong.