North West Forced Her Entire Family Into Poop Costumes For Her Shit-Themed Eighth Bday Party

north west poop emoji party

If your parents could make almost anything happen for your birthday party, what would you choose to do? It’s a hypothetical question, of course, but for North West it’s pretty much a reality. Naturally, given the opportunity to do anything at all, North elected to have a poop emoji party, and you know what, I absolutely stan.

Yep, for North’s 8th birthday party, everyone dressed up in poop emoji onesies, partied amongst poop emoji balloons and took home massive duffle bags covered in, you guessed it, more poop.

She looked like she was having the best fkn time so, more power to her. Odd choice of emoji, but honestly iconic. Plus, she’s eight so she can do what she wants TBH.

north west poop emoji party
i want to believe that kanye is under that onesie, I really do.

When I said duffle bags covered in poop emojis before, I wasn’t playing around.

Look at these bad boys, they’re fkn YUGE.

north west poop emoji party
what rests inside the forbidden poop duffle?

And of course what is a party without balloons? North West knows what she wants.

north west poop emoji party

“My 1st born baby North is 8 years old today! North, one day you will see these messages all printed out for you in the books I am making for you and so hope you feel the love because you bring so much love and joy into all of our lives!” Kim Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

“You are the silliest, most stylish, most creative person who knows exactly what they want in life! I’ve never met anyone like you!

“I picked these BTS to post of North and I from this Steven Klein Jackie O shoot bc it just reminded me of the bond North and I share and he always captures the emotion so well!”

And of course nonna Kris chimed in with lovely well wishes too.

“Happy birthday to our beautiful Northie!!! You are truly such a ray of sunshine and you light up every room with your amazing smile and huge heart,” Kris wrote on Insta.

“You are so funny, talented, smart, and so creative!! You are an amazing daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. I love watching you grow and I am so proud of you each and every day. I love you so so much!!!! Lovey xoxo”

Brb, just planning my tapeworm emoji party.