‘Older Normal People’ Shows Marianne & Connell 40 Years On And They Still Can’t Bloody Talk

Normal People

Earlier today, a Normal People and Fleabag crossover episode arrived on the internet, featuring Paul MescalDaisy Edgar-Jones and Andrew Scott.

It featured Mescal’s character Connell going to confession with Scott’s character, known to fans as the Hot Priest, before Edgar-Jones’ Marianne also comes to bare her soul.

The mini-episode was produced for Comic Relief, who also made another Normal People reunion set 40 years in the future, and now that one is streaming too.

Normal Older People is set four decades from now, showing Marianne and Connell as an older married couple, but despite the years, they’re still pretty awful at communicating.

This mini-episode stars Peter McDonald and Deirdre O’Kane, who played a husband and wife on the Irish sitcom Moone Boy.

It was written by Conor McPherson and directed by Normal People director Lenny Abrahamson, and features a few familiar callbacks, including a certain chain.

Both episodes were produced by Comic Relief to raise money for those affected by COVID-19 in Ireland, and you can read more about that here.

Earlier today, Paul Mescal took to Twitter to share some photos of himself having very wholesome hangs with Edgar-Jones and Scott: