Noah Taylor Makes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Debut

With the slash of a bloodied sword, characters are killed off with an unrepentant ease to the point where Game of Thrones casting directors must be beside themselves, searching for bearded and appropriately grizzled actors to fill the void. Enter Aussie actor Noah Taylor, one of our finest, beardiest, and grizzliest thesps.

Despite staring in plenty of excellent films including Almost Famous, The Proposition, and Submarine, the role of Locke looms as one of Taylor’s largest, considering the massive numbers season three is pulling. As yet, it hasn’t to be reveled as to which way Locke swings in regards to his propensity to be a goodie or baddie but considering he’s taking the place of Vargo Hoat, who appears in the original source material as a side switching mercenary, we can assume it won’t be long before he has some blood on his hands.

File with Ben Mendelsohn’s Girls appearance, under Aussie HBO cameos that we are pretty stoked about.