No Shots After Midnight: Sydney’s Drinking Crackdown Intensifies

Sydney’s drastic crackdown on the perceived threat of alcohol-fueled violence continues, with tough new regulations announced today, including a ban on selling shots after midnight. 

The new rules will come into effect from mid-July, and will effect affect all pubs, clubs and bars in central Sydney. In addition to shots, it will also be forbidden to serve doubles and pre-mixed drinks after midnight. 
Customers will be prevented from buying more than four drinks at a time after midnight, and more than two after 2am, to prevent drinkers from loading up before the 3am cutoff. 
Patrons seen consuming a drink while approaching a venue will be denied entry, while security guards and all staff serving alcohol must hold Responsible Service of Alcohol cards from October. 
The changes come in the wake of the killing of Thomas Kelly in King’s Cross in 2012, and restrictions will be even tougher on venues that have had trouble with attacks in the past. 
Venues with “a history of violence” will be banned from serving drinks in glass after midnight, while “party boats”, for bucks’ nights the like, will be forbidden from picking up or dropping off customers in the CBD after midnight. 
Your old high school friend who likes to giggle uncontrollably when ordering Cocksucking Cowboys is expected to be hit hardest by the new rules. 
Image: Agung Parameswara via Getty Images