The Ivy Is The Most Violent Venue In NSW

Exclusive Sydney sip and swim The Ivy has been named the most violent venue in New South Wales.

The Justin Hemmes night spot on fast and furious George Street in Sydney’s central business district recorded 24 incidents of violence last year, more than any other venue in the state including suburban establishments such as the Shore Club Hotel in Manly (16 incidents), the Penrith RSL (15 incidents) and PJ Gallaghers in Parramatta (14 incidents).

As the only establishment in New South Wales to record more than 19 incidents of violence, Sydney’s innerwear as outerwear epicenter will be the only venue in the state subjected to level one licensing restrictions such as 2am lockouts and a blanket ban on shots, doubles and glass containers after midnight.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Hemmes reiterated that violence was statistically unlikely to occur at the club considering the volume of customers who passed through its doors each year. “With over 2 million customers annually, ivy is
statistically one of the safest venues in NSW, but we are determined to redouble our effort to make it safer and more secure. We acknowledge the great work of the government agencies from licensing to police and will continue to work closely with them to reduce the number of incidents.” Hemmes said.

He makes a good point.