Nine Spruiks The Biggest Twist In The History of Big Brother

So Big Brother’s new season promises the biggest twist in the history of the series? Here are a few hunches:

– They lift the house’s “no singing” policy for a Battle Royale-style karaoke competition.
– They simulate the effects of a hurricane and lead the contestants to believe that they are trapped in the house forever.
– One of the housemates is a mole. Not a secret double agent but an actual mole they have trained to behave like a human.
– Football players are allowed to enter as “bedroom intruders”. 
– The house is made from Twisties.
– The house welcomes its first toddler.
– The housemates’ food is laced with truth serum.
– They introduce a punishment room where contestants are forced to hang out with Gretel Killeen for two hours.
– Big Brother is now voiced by Kamahl.
– Toilet cam.

Big Brother is coming soon to Channel Nine. In the meantime, read our exclusive interview with Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis.