Nick Offerman To Cameo As Holt’s Ex-Boyfriend In Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine has announced its latest recruit to join its guest star alumni—ft. Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Adam Sandler, Nick Kroll, Ed Helms, Kid Cudi, among others—as Nick Offerman is set to appear in the show’s Thanksgiving special this season. 

You had me at meat tornado “Nick Offerman”. <3 

According to EW, Offerman is set to star as Frederick, the ex-boyfriend of Brooklyn Nine Nine‘s own Ron Swanson, Captain Holt. 

The episode, dropping on November 22, is titled “Ava” and is set on Thanksgiving Day at the Precinct, and will involve Frederick crossing paths with his former flame, in a plot that will also include Terry’s wife Sharon and the birth of their third child. 

Any further details on the episode are scarce – whether Frederick also belongs to the 5-0, or if we’ll see Frederick and Holt’s relationship in a flashback, is unknown. But the mere possibility of seeing Ron and Raymond mack on, friends? It’s a beautiful thing.

Regardless, we’re [almost] as keen for Offerman’s cameo as we are for these two getting amongst us in Australia next year.

Via Entertainment Weekly.