WATCH: Nick Offerman Silently Sips Whisky By An Open Fire For 45 Minutes

A very wise, very moustachioed local government employee of Pawnee, Indiana once said, “There is no wrong way to consume alcohol.”

But there is a right way to consume it. A very right way.
Particularly if that alcohol happens to be the “nectar of the Gods” itself in the form of Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
And if the person consuming it is Nick Offerman.
Because Offerman loves the stuff, and because Lagavulin are a bunch of utter geniuses, we now have this – a single shot, uninterrupted, 45-minute video of Offerman silently sipping whisky beside a crackling open fire.
Screw all your inner peaces and your spiritual meditations and whatnot. This is true serenity. As good as it gets.

BRB, buying whisky/lighting a fire.
Source: Uproxx.