New ‘Bachelor’ Matty J Is Gonna Put A Ring On It During The Season Finale

Sorry, most of Australia, but your imaginary boyfriend Matty J is going to be 100% off the market by the time this season of ‘The Bachelor‘ is done.

Breaking with Aussie tradition, the extremely attractive bloke / newest Bachelor is planning to propose at the end of the season. The US version of ‘The Bachelor’ sees the ring pop every season, but they also go on double the number of dates and have lots of sexy times. That’s practically a long-term relationship in reality TV terms.

But the Australian version has mostly done away with it, ever since Blake Garvey proposed to Sam Frost at the end of season two and then changed his fucking mind. (I didn’t watch that season, but that bloke always seemed like a bit of a train wreck to me.)

Matty, however, is roaring to go. He told OK! Magazine that if he meets the right girl on ‘The Bachelor’ he’ll propose during the finale, making things incredibly awkward now if he doesn’t propose.

“Normally you’d need more time but when you know, you know,” he said. “I’d like a casual wedding, ideally spring, outside. I’d still like it to be traditional in the sense that there’ll be groomsmen and a white dress, [but] not in a church.”

And as for kids, he’s a strong ‘yes’. (Is this guy real? Or did some marketing department from 90s romcoms just cook him up?)

“The idea of having kids is something I find so exciting… seeing my sister have a kid has fed this hunger and desire to be a dad.”

His Instagram is chockers full of pics of his baby nephew.

Took the little rooster out for his first surf today ????

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Celebrating Aus day with this handsome lil dude???????? @vannsss @lostmonkeylounge #australiaday2017

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Have your ovaries exploded yet?

Photo: Channel 10.