Matty J Found His Own Bachie Cardboard Cutout In A Local Dumpster Which Has Gotta Fucken Suck

After starring on The Bachelor (or any other reality TV show, really), contestants either nab acting roles, become full-time teeth whitening spruikers, or return to their normal lives after failing to become famous. Well one Bachie alum who has done quite well for himself is The Bachelor fan fave Matty J who has gone on to become a successful presenter and influencer (plus, he’s one of the few Bachelors who’s still with his winner, Laura Byrne).

But despite being one of the most successful Bachie stars, Matty J has still watched his career go down the garbage chute, literally rather than metaphorically.

The reality star has shared a snap of his Bachelor cardboard cutout being tossed in a dumpster and ouch, that’s gotta fucken’ hurt (not being tossed in a dumpster, ‘cos I’m sure cardboard cutouts don’t have feelings, but more so finding a likeness of yourself amongst the garbage).

“When you know your 15 min has run out…” he captured the sad image, as spotted by the So Dramatic! podcast.

As So Dramatic!’s caption points out, at least Matty J is able to have a chuckle at himself, especially given all the self-obsessed, self-important washed up reality stars we have to deal with.

It’s nice to know there are some humble ones around. And it’s especially ironic since Matty’s actually one of Bachie’s success stories, both in terms of finding love and maintaining fame.

Onya, Matty. Your 15 mins are far from over!