Netflix Saves The Average User From 130 Hours Of Ads A Year

‘Straya: we love a binge.
Binge drinking.
Binge eating.
And, once we’ve done a real number on ourselves with those two, binge watching.
Our enabler is, for the most part, streaming services like Netflix because NO ADS.
No ads means less time watching ACA teasers and more time watching Kevin Spacey fuck shit up. 
Data crunched by streaming news site Exstreamist reveals just how many hours of commercial-watching Netflix rescues the average user from per year: 130 hours, or 5.4 days.
Here’s how they came to that number:
“We calculated this total number by multiplying the amount of time the average person streams Netflix on a daily basis by the average time ads are aired during a normal one hour broadcast. With Netflix subscribers spending an average of 1.5 hours a day streaming from the service, and an average hour of television having approximately 15 minutes and 30 seconds of ads.”
To put that in terms binge-watchers can understand, 130 hours is the equivalent of 177 episodes of Seinfeld, which is just three short of all 9 seasons. 
It feels really good to have that time back to spend time with family and friends and be active binge even more.
Via Exstreamist.