Netflix Australia Partners With Optus As Launch Date Approaches

Following the release of streaming services Stan and Presto through local networks Channel 9/Fairfax and Foxtel respectively, more news on the Netflix Australia drop has been released today. As far as the streaming war that is suddenly upon us goes, Netflix has the upper-hand from its cornering of the US market, however its reported release date is in isolation of its local competitors: Stan and Presto both launched in January within weeks of each other.

The way in which you’ll be able to get your grubby paws on the streaming service has been updated today, as Optus has announced that Fetch TV users will be able to access Netflix through a dedicated, integrated app.

The partnership is a big move for Netflix as it tries to establish itself in an emerging Australian market and finds ways to simplify its transition into Australian living rooms. The Australian reports that Channel 10 was also in talks with Netflix over a potential partnership – a deal that could see TV shows from 10’s broadcasting rights portfolio to appear alongside Netflix’s original and curated content.

Regarding what Australian Netflix consumers can expect to see, the details are currently TBA – Cnet reports, however, that not all Netflix original content will have a guaranteed place on the Australian version of the streaming service. Per Cnet, Netflix originals such as ‘Bloodline’, ‘Marco Polo’ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘ will be appearing on Netflix Australia.

Shows like ‘House of Cards’, however, are a trickier thing to handle. With Foxtel currently owning the local distribution rights of ‘House of Cards’, its appearance on Netflix is uncertain, despite it being one of Netflix’s most successful original offerings. In related news, Netflix has reportedly been cracking down on Aussie users employing the magic of VPNs to access US Netflix. Market domination and an unrestricted wealth of TV at our fingertips is nigh.

As far as we know, FYI, Netflix Australia will be launching at the end of next month and monthly subsriptions will start at $9.99.

via Business Insider.