Netflix Is Dropping A Casual $7.8 Billion On Original Content In 2017

Netflix is almost as known for it’s original, exclusive TV shows – think ‘House of Cards’, ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘Daredevil’ – as it is for being coded language for casual sex. Well, if you like those shows, you’re in luck: Netflix mentioned in their quarterly earnings statement that they’re dropping $7.78 billion on original content in 2017.

There’s been loose speculation in the past that Netflix has hundreds of shows and films at some point of development, exclusive for streaming. Big investment!
This is up from the reported $5 billion they spent this year.
What’s the point? Well, besides the fact there’s a lot of good quality shit here, it’s a solid bet. Netflix is trying to carve out a huge part of the streaming market globally, and having strong original content is a core part of kicking those goals.
It’s the same reason why local contenders Stan and Presto are also doubling down on their own original productions. Fighting a $7.8 billion behemoth that can put their content right into the Aussie market? They’ve got their work cut out for ’em.
Photo: Bloomberg.