After months of waiting with bated breath (or should that be bayted breath? Actually no, sorry, that’s awful, where’s the backspace button?) the cast of Byron Baes has reportedly been revealed.

The sneaky bastards over at Confidential reckon they’ve obtained the “top secret” list of influencers who have been cast in the controversial Netflix series.

As previously reported, Love Island star Elias Chigros has joined the cast along with freshly announced Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise star Nathan Favro.

But don’t freak out, folks, they’re not all ex dating show stars (thank Christ), we’ve also got Hannah Brauer joining Byron Baes, whose parents own Bisque Traders in Bangalow, along with “loved-up couple” Dave Frim and Saskia Wotton, who is sales director with fashion label Silk Laundry.

Other folks who have made the Byron Baes cast include Elle Watson, who works for an investment company, spiritualistic therapist Simba Ali, influencer Jade Kevin Foster and talent manager Alex Reid, along with designer Jess Bell and her model sis Lauren (will they be like the Kim and Kyle Richards of the show?), plus musician Billy Otto. [Editor’s note: Billy has since revealed that he was approached for the show but declined].

Following the mass backlash to Byron Baes from locals, from a petition to a paddle-out protest, producers have been forced to hire security to keep the cast safe while filming, Confidential adds.

One of Netflix’s executives, Que Minh Luu, recently revealed in a spicy Twitter thread that “most of [the influencers] hated the press release” that first went out and following its release, she “did a lot of apologising” to the Byron Baes cast.

There’s been much speculation about which influencers will be taking part in Byron Baes and while Que did not divulge any specific deets in the thread, she did confirm that “the participants number in the double digits, a quarter born/raised in the area, most have lived there a meaningful length of time, a few newer to the area.”

“They are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, models, on a spiritual journey and more. They understand the power of influence. They are part of Byron. They understand the creative vision of the show that has been developed with them over several months,” she continued.

No official announcement has been made just yet, this is all just hearsay from a gossip column, so stay tuned for the legit reveal.

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