Earlier today, it was announced that a Real Housewives esque series is being produced by Netflix that features a bunch of Byron Bay influencers, aptly titled Byron Baes.

No, this isn’t a delayed April Fools prank, as has been speculated, it’s 100% legit and 1000% bonkers.

In terms of the cast, Sydney Morning Herald reports that local model Elyse Knowles is “hotly tipped” to be joining the show, but that’s all we know of so far.

Here, I’ve pulled together a list of Byron-based influencers who I think (read: hope) will join the cast.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews

Wondering where you’ve heard that name before? She’s the gal who allegedly held up a flight from Byron Bay to Sydney because she left the airport amid a delay to *checks notes* scoff down oysters at a nearby restaurant.

As the series is described as a “docu-soap,” they’ll no doubt want folks who can bring the drama and her recent headlines make her a surefire chaos-bringer.

The gorg gal was also recently in a very public scrap with goss Insta page Aussie Influencer Opinions so if she is cast, let’s hope that whole showdown is discussed in great detail.

Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel

My numero uno favourite influencer couple, Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel are known for their stunning photoshoots, usually shot in a field, complete with crystals and flowers.

The pair recently had a gorgeous kiddo, so that’d be a fun element to capture in the series, if they’re cast.

Check out this cutie:

Courtney Adamo

If the show really does go down the Real Housewives route, they’re gonna want a few other mamas on the team, right? Enter iconique mum blogger, Courtney Adamo.

The proud mama juggles her parenting blog with a lifestyle brand, Babyccino Kids, along with, of course, raising her cute kiddies.

Mia and Hana Taninaka

If Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is anything to go by, shows of this nature always need a set of sisters and who better to cast than Mia and Hana Taninaka.

They grew up in Sydney, before living in Bali for spell, and cofounded and run Taninaka, a plant-dyed, organic, ethical bed linens for babies.

The fabulous sisters, along with their hubbies, one of whom is a meditation teacher and the other is a carpenter who is planning to study fiction, would make a fine addition to Byron Baes, I reckon.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares

Okay hear me out: I know neither of these guys are influencers, and I’ve heard whispers that they’re leaving Byron, but I honestly think that since Zac Efron is already part of the Netflix family, they should convince him to stick around just for a little while longer to film this series.

He met his Byron bae (hehe) at the General Store, thus beginning their love affair that the world has watched with hearts in their eyes.

So the prospect of their day-to-day life being documented on a series about Byron is not only a dream come true for us thirsty fans, but also a no brainer for the series.