Buckle up your utility belt and start blasting ‘In The Navy’ by the Village People, because NCIS: Sydney is coming to our screens very soon and it’s the most exciting thing to come our way since that one time Zac Efron dropped in to flirt with our baristas. I am absolutely geeked for this. Give us Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs NOW!

Yep folks, it’s true, NCIS: Sydney is a real thing that is happening. It’s the first time NCIS has gone international too, as it usually sticks to American states like New Orleans and Los Angeles.

All we know about the show so far is that it will be coming to Channel Ten sometime next year, as well as being added to Paramount+ for our international friends, or those of us in Australia who like to pay for content that’s free.

Production will begin at the tail end of this year, with a whole bevy of Aussie actors, writers and producers, which definitely gets my TV-binging eye twitching with excitement.

The show is also rumoured to feature a tonne of local stories centring around Sydney harbour and its adjacent locales, which was kind of obvious given the fact that it’s about naval crime, but still reassuring to hear.

On top of this, it’s been confirmed that Shane Brennan, the Aussie who created NCIS: Los Angeles and was executive producer on NCIS is on board for NCIS: Sydney. Makes sense, he’s a super talented Aussie, let him make magic in his home country! There are plenty of local stories to tell around here.

Alongside the random news that NCIS: Sydney is coming also came a bevy of fire-hot memes from folks who love to spend their days on Twitter creating jokes from news stories. I truly envy the speed at which they come up with these gems.

Here are some glorious NCIS: Sydney memes for your perusal:

This next tweet really captured what I was thinking when I heard about NCIS: Sydney. Too many s’s. It doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Give me all the Double Bay drama, please. Rich people committing crimes on the water? Sounds like something I would happily consume while nomming on dinner.

Let’s be honest though, NCIS has always just been about villainising brown people, so I’m cautious about how this is going to go down. Western Sydney watch the fuck out.