Nathan From ‘Hi-5’, Keeper Of Yr Childhood Heart, Was On ‘The Voice’ Tonight


Oh my God, Nathan Foley was on The Voice tonight. Nathan Foley, as in Nathan from Hi-5, the bloke I took naps to. Joizes.

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Nathan, now somehow 39-years-old, was one fifth of the original Hi-5 cast alongside Kathleen de Leon Jones, Tim Harding, Charli Robinson, and Kellie Crawford. But tonight, Nathan took to the stage on his own to perform Kenny Loggins‘Footloose’ for his audition on The Voice 2019.

(Lowkey devo he didn’t sing a Hi-5 song.)

“Primarily the reason why I wanted to do The Voice is because I bumped into a girl that grew up watching me on TV when I was a kid,” Nathan explained in his lil’ pre-audition video. “She said, ‘Where have you been?’ I haven’t seen you for like ten years, have you given up on singing?’ And that really made the big decision in my head to get out there and say, ‘Look I’m still here’ and show who Nathan Foley really is.” 

He’s still an absolute babe.

In case you don’t feel ancient enough already, the last time we saw Nathan as part of Hi-5 was in 2008, 11 years ago. HA. Following his ten-year stint with the band, the artist packed his bags and headed overseas.

He told Nine’s Artist Spotlight:

“I did a lot of work over there, I did corporate and cruises and things like that,” he said. Now, he believes his biggest challenge is proving himself as a solo artist in Australia.

Nathan’s been in the industry for 29 years and he hasn’t stopped so running into that girl and having *that* conversation felt like a “kick up the bum.”

“I need to get back out there again and show Australia that I’m still alive, I’m still singing, still working, and doing what I love to do.” 

You tell ’em, Nathan.

His Voice audition isn’t up on socials yet but if you’re super keen to see it, you can catch it on 9Now, right HERE

SPOILER, he ends up on Team Delta and that is easily the most Australian thing I’ll see this week.

In conclusion: