Iggy Azalea & Guy Sebastian Are Feuding If You’re Keen For Some Local Tea

Iggy Azalea

In honestly what is such a weird feud, Iggy Azalea has – once again – come for Guy Sebastian after he dissed her in an interview on the Kyle & Jackie O ShowIt’s no James Charles Tati Westbrook tea… but it’ll do.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the local drama, the pair were judges on The X Factor… two years ago and to put it shortly, there was visible tension. Last week, Sebastian slammed the artist in Stellar Magazine, telling the publication that Azalea has a poor work ethic.

“Iggy wouldn’t rock up,” he said. “And when she did, she’d just roll her eyes. I hated it. I really struggled that year.”

At the time, Azalea shared a cryptic tweet seemingly in response to Sebastian:

“I don’t actually give a fuck about other people’s opinions; I just can’t turn down the chance to tell someone they’re a dumb bitch. It’s in my blood & there is no cure!”

To absolutely no surprise, Sebastian was asked about the drama this morning on the Kyle & Jackio O Show and… well… the Australian Idol winner went in. 

Sebastian said he “never liked Iggy” and claimed she was “awful” to him.

“Like I had stuff on with my kids, she made us all wait for like three hours or something and then rocks up and has attitude. 

“Like if I’m making everyone wait, which happens ‘cause you know, I’m not the best with time, but at least charm it on a bit.

“Go, ‘Oh I’m so sorry I’m late’. Make up something. And just charm them a little.” 

Ah yeah.

In response, Azalea took to her Twitter to share her side of the sticheroo. The original tweets appear to have been deleted but Pop Crave has your back.

“I want to talk about how Guy Sebastian is a complete liar let’s get into it! A thread:” she wrote.

According to Azalea, there’s no way you can be late to a show that is filmed live.

“If you dislike me so much, what’s up with all the interviews with you saying you expected to dislike me but that I’m really sweet and lovely,” she continued.

Azalea also claimed the supposed ‘beef’ on the show was just “fabricated” by the suits upstairs for ratings.

I remember it! And even told you, don’t sweat it. I understand we all have a job to do and money to make – so go ahead guy! I love that you’re STILL using me to drum up attention for a show you’re on, what’s new?

The final zinger?

“Anyway; best of luck to you and your fedoras! 

“Everyone please watch Guy Sebastian, he’s on the Voice Australia and he really, really desperately needs the ratings to feed his children. Xoxo” 

ANYWAY Sebastian’s new singing show, The Voice Australia, premieres Sunday 7:00pm on Nine.