From An Arch-Nemesis To A Cracked Phone Screen, Here’s All The Wild Nadia Bartel Video Theories

The Nadia Bartel scandal doesn’t appear to be simmering down at all. If anything, it’s heating the fuck up as tons of rumours have emerged over the weekend.

ICYMI: a video of the influencer / fashion designer was accidentally uploaded to Instagram on Thursday night appeared to show her snorting white powder off a plate, surrounded by a group friends.

The three-second video was uploaded by Bartel’s friend and business partner, Ellie Pearson, before being deleted.

The biggest question that everyone seems to be asking is: How could someone be so fkn stupid as to share a video like this on Instagram?

The So Dramatic! podcast, which was first to break the story, revealed that the video had been sent to a bunch of people, before being leaked to the press.

An insider close to Nadia Bartel spoke to the podcast and said, “Ellie posted the video to her [Instagram] Story, it was up for 10 minutes, and then she realised and deleted it quickly.”

Apparently Pearson had intended to send it as a DM to a mate, but accidentally posted it on her Instagram AND Facebook Stories. Baffled as to how this could happen? Same, mate.

A report by The Sydney Morning Herald is blaming it on Pearson’s cracked phone screen. The publication reported that Pearson had been trying to send the clip to her sister, but because of her dodgy screen, it ended up landing on her Stories (???).

According to another source who spoke to Daily Mail Australia, the video was allegedly “deliberately leaked by someone within Bartel’s elite Melbourne social circle”.

The second source alleged, “This is someone who for all intents and purposes seems to be Bartel’s friend on Instagram but they are secretly jealous.”

They went on to claim that it was a genuine mistake on Pearson’s part, and the video appeared to be circulated by “Nadia’s nemesis” who “pounced on it and immediately sent it to people she knew could get it to the press quickly.”

Apparently leaking the video was part of “a campaign of revenge… someone wants to shut her down.”

They’re claiming that this mystery leaker is “well known in the social group”. Interesting…

“Nadia is genuinely apologetic but a lot of people in the upper echelons of Melbourne society feel genuinely bad for her,” the source said.

“These sorts of videos of celebrities behaving badly are doing the rounds everywhere – in private WhatsApp groups and Facebook chats. The fact this video leaked to the press and went public broke the code,” they said.

Meanwhile, Pearson apologised for the whole thing while speaking to The Herald Sun on Friday evening, saying she’s “just devastated.”

Nadia Bartel also shared an Insta apology last week in which she said that she is “truly and deeply sorry” for her actions.