Dan Andrews Had A Mini-Go At Nadia Bartel For Flouting Lockdown Just To Snort Off A Kmart Plate

Daniel Andrews

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews slammed Nadia Bartel in a press conference today, and said the white powder incident should be treated no differently to the infamous engagement party that happened in Caulfield a few weeks ago.

On Sunday, a reporter asked the Premier what he thought about *that* white-powder-snorting-kmart-plate-incident. Andrews was very clear that Nadia Bartel would be treated equally to anyone else caught breaching stay-at-home orders.

“It would be my understanding that that matter would be treated no differently to the engagement party,” Andrews said.

Police dished out over $305,000 in fines to those who attended the illegal engagement party that happened last month. When you break it down, that means each of those 56 people in attendance were slapped with $5,452 dollar fines.

“This video is no different to the engagement party, as it’s out there in the public domain and it would be my anticipation that every single person at that house will be getting a $5500 fine because I’m confident – these really are decisions for the Chief Commissioner, but I would be absolutely certain he would want the law applied equally, regardless of whether you used to be related to a footballer,” Andrews continued.

“This is everybody’s business. And people should be treated equally. That would be my absolute expectation. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair, would it? At those people at that engagement party, who have all been issued, as I understand it, except for the kids, they have all been issued with a $5500 fine.

“I also see on social media other people potentially visiting that house. No visits means no visits. Stay at home. Stay at home. That’s what the rules say and that’s what will keep us safe.”


A reporter also asked Daniel Andrews about the ‘white powder party’ on Friday when the incident first blew up, but he didn’t have much to comment on it at the time.

“I’m not sure which video you’re referring to,” Andrews responded.

“I would urge everybody to do their very best to follow the rules, all of the time. I know it’s tough, I know it’s difficult.”