Mischa Barton Spills On Why She Signed Up For ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’

Mischa Barton

Lovers of quality reality TV programming are surely rejoicing at the news that the rebooted series The Hills: New Beginnings is coming our way soon. Original cast members including Spencer and Heidi PrattWhitney Port and Audrina Patridge are all coming back, and one intriguing new addition to the group is actress Mischa Barton.

The Hills started out as a spin-off of Laguna Beach, which was itself a reality TV answer to the wildly popular teen drama The O.C., which gave Barton her big break – that is, if you don’t count the little vomiting girl from The Sixth Sense as her big break, which we won’t, because that would frankly be a little rude.

In a recent feature for Interview magazine, which ran alongside a very glamorous photo shoot of various Hills cast members assembled beside a pool, Barton explained that it was the O.C. connection that made her want to join the reality series. She said:

“Throughout my career, people have totally confused Laguna Beach and The O.C. I think in people’s minds, it all kind of got blurred over time. When I was doing my own show, I saw a couple episodes of Laguna Beach here and there. Everybody would ask, ‘Have you heard about this reality version of The O.C?’”

Since filming the show, Mischa Barton has discovered that performing on reality TV is very much its own art form:

“Being on the show now, I very much feel like what they do is a craft for them, and I give them props for that. I’ve found that what works best is to really embrace the process for what it is, which is just being yourself. If you’re not being yourself, it shows immediately. The camera doesn’t lie.”


Whitney Port also shared a glamorous cast photo on her Instagram, with Mischa pointedly standing t one side and looking away from the rest of the group. Could this be a sign of some kind of drama to come? WE CERTAINLY HOPE SO.

You can see the feature with The Hills: New Beginnings cast here.