Minister’s Cat, On The Road To Hell, Nabs Milk During Live Morning Prayer Broadcast

A cathedral cat, displaying an evident need to repent, has gone viral for pinching a minister’s milk during a morning prayer livestream. Yes, another day, another animal infiltrating a live broadcast to produce some stellar content. We truly love to see it.

The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury, was delivering a a morning prayer sermon in the wondrous gardens of Canterbury Cathedral a couple days ago, alongside a freshly brewed pot of tea and some milk, when the equally wondrous Tiger decided to make an entrance.

About half way through the address, Tiger, one of the cats that lives on the grounds, decided to hop up onto the table beside the Reverend and start dipping its paw into his milk.

“The kingdom is upon you, repent and believe the gospel,” the priest had been saying, quoting St Mark’s gospel, before peering over to Tiger and observing the shenanigans.

“Sorry, we’ve acquired a friend this morning,” he said, before giving Tiger a well-deserved pat.

Check it out below, at around the 8:30 mark.

This isn’t the first time the Dean of Canterbury has dealt with a cheeky kitty during a live broadcast, though – he’d been addressing his audience back back in May, when Leo, another inquisitive cathedral cat, walked straight inside his robe.

The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis has the patience of a saint, indeed.