Peep This Literal Cat Fight In The Background Of A Filipino News Broadcast

cat fight news

We’re all getting a bit of cabin fever after two months in isolation, but hopefully you haven’t been throwing hands (or paws) like these cats in the background of a Filipino news broadcast.

Journalist Doris Bigornia was just trying to do her job from her home office when her pet cats started a full-blown brawl in the background. Surprisingly, Bigornia managed to keep her cool throughout the catfight, so I guess we should give her a Walkley.

Bigornia took to Twitter after the broadcast to share the video.

“CHILDREN!!!! There is a law in the studio!!!!” she wrote.

The video has amassed more than 2 million views on Twitter, with hundreds of people flooding the replies with hilarious cat-inspired commentary.

But Doris isn’t the only news broadcaster to make headlines for a distracting background. Working from home has caused some pretty iconic broadcasts.

We’ve also had Brody the Golden Retriever, who interrupted Fox News 13-Tampa Bay’s weather broadcast at chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto’s house, which was far more wholesome and involved less fighting.

Meanwhile, 14 News weatherman Jeff Lyons had to present the morning weather with his needy cat Betty, who demanded cuddles during the broadcast.