Even The Catholic Church Is Observing Social Distancing By Using A Tiny RC Car To Collect Cash

Another day, another holy piece of social distancing footage from the church. This time, it comes in the form of a lil’ truck replacing the normal cash collection plate.

The footage, shared by TikTok user @bouzioficial, shows the trusty mobile jolting up, down and around the aisle of an overseas mass, trying to make its way to all the church-goers with offerings. I don’t know what made me giggle more – the holy vehicle speeding away before multiple attendees had the chance to throw their cash in, or the imagery of a priest trying to work a remote control car.

Now, without further ado, please lovingly gaze at this glorious truck conducting the church cash collection…

@bouzioficialneg employé tout taktik pou yo fè kob la????????????????♬ son original – bouzioficial

Watching priests and church ceremonies alike trying their best to adapt to social distancing procedures and shift to the virtual realm has been one of my greatest joys during this lonely isolation period. Whether it’s this priest falling victim to the Facebook livestream filters, another priest who sprayed holy water at drive-thru churchgoers with a water gun, or this cat stealing some of the minister’s milk during a live morning prayer, you can’t help but commend them for trying their damndest.