‘Stranger Things’ Stars Rally Around Kid After No One Showed Up To His Party

First things first: I have no idea why anyone posts about their loved ones being rejected by everyone online. Attention? Probably. Brain worms? Almost definitely.

While sometimes it breaks all our fucking hearts and prompts us to call our grandparents more often (remember “sad papaw”?), sometimes it gets you celebrity attention, so I guess it’s all worth it in the end.

Anyway, Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo (and probably the rest of them, once they realise they’re being left out) have promised to come to this random kid’s next birthday party after no one showed up to his 2018 one.

Twitter user Ayen tweeted that her little brother invited eight of his classmates to his Stranger Things-themed birthday party, but that “none of their punk selves showed up.”


Here he is blowing out the candles on his Stranger Things birthday cake, btw.


It all started out a bit cute – people were wishing him birthday, saying they loved the Filipino food, promising they’ll be there next year etc.



And Aaron seemed to be doing okay, cracking a smile for his sister’s camera and vowing revenge on his bullshit classmates.


But then, LOW AND BEHOLD, MBB comes in to casually announce that she would like an invite next year, please and thank you.


And then Gatten was like, oh hey, me too!

And Ayen and Aaron took it about as chill as you’d expect.



Let this be a lesson. PLEASE SHOW UP TO YOUR FRIENDS’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE SMALL CHILDREN. They can’t all go viral for internet love.

Anyway – we’ll keep you updated in about 11 months and three weeks if the Stranger Thing cast follows through on their promise. Stay tuned.