New ‘Stranger Things’ Cover Proves That Eleven & Dustin Are Lowkey Related

The ‘Stranger Things‘ kids are gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week ,and there’s a strong chance that Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) are related.

Eleven’s new curls are a stark change from the shaved head she was rocking for most of last season – when not donning a blonde wig and giving Mike (Finn Wolfhard) feelings.

And Millie Bobby Brown def does not have curls, so this is presumably a conscious decision on behalf of the producers. Also, very strong George-from-iconic-but-also-low-key-racist-Famous-Five-books vibe here.

Is this a homage to ‘Star Wars‘? Will Dustin and Eleven end up being long-lost twins? Or is Eleven’s hair naturally curly (when not being shaved by fucked scientists using her for experiments) and this new ‘do simply indicates the passage of time?

Other Twitter users have noticed similarities with ‘American Horror Story‘ regular Sarah Paulson, which both actresses are extremely into.

As for what next season has in store for Stranger Things’ rampant fan base (us included, obvs): “It’s a balance of the comfort you’re familiar with but then trying to take it in new directions,” said creator Ross Duffer.“That’s what we’re trying to strike with season 2.”

Cool. So that’s… something and nothing all at the same time.

We do know one thing for sure though: the first teaser (which just casually dropped during Super Bowl LI) showed that Hawkins, Indiana is royally fucked.

It’s a long wait till Halloween, folks.

Photo / Source: EW.