The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Are Posting Cute Upside Down Pics Post-Trailer

By now, we can only assume you’ve watched the trailer for ‘Stranger Things‘ season two approximately 11 times and counting, but if you haven’t (you giant weirdo), here it is again:

Our takeaway? Shit is getting dark. Eleven is in danger, Will Byers looks like he’s undergoing some kind of medieval shock therapy, and some new dark monster is coming forth from the Upside Down and tearing the very fabric between the two dimensions.

It’s a #WorldUpsideDown, as Netflix & ‘Stranger Things’ keep reminding us.

But at the complete opposite end of the ‘bad – – – good’ vibes spectrum, all the ‘Stranger Things’ kids are posting pics of themselves upside down, and it’s cute as shit.

Millie Bobby Brown a.k.a. Eleven 


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Finn Wolfhard a.k.a. Mike 

#worldupsidedown #superbowl51

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Gaten Matarazzo a.k.a. Dustin 

Sorry guys, no spoilers! #worldupsidedown #superbowl51

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Caleb McLaughlin a.k.a. Lucas 

Sorry guy’s, we’re excited too…..but NO MORE SPOILERS!!!?????????????????????????????????? #worldupsidedown

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Noah Schnapp a.k.a. Will 

#worldupsidedown #superbowl51

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Halloween cannot come fast enough.

Photo: Netflix.