Miley Cyrus Stays Classy And Goes Down On Bill Clinton Impersonator To Kick Off Bangerz Tour

In her latest attempt to do away with that old Hannah Montana thing, Miley Cyrus has pulled a Monica Lewinsky and simulated oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator.

Just as gross as it sounds.

Her Bangerz tour kicked off in Vancouver and it was much of the same thing that we saw in 2013 for Miley. The costumes that belong nowhere in this universe. The creepy tongue rolling around her face. Last, but not least, the gratuitous crotch grabbing and (shudder) twerking.

In a continuation of her Wrecking Ball style, Miley started the show by entering through a giant image of her face. Her infamous ‘I’m trying to lick my ear’ tongue converted into a slide for her to glide down onto the stage. This was followed up with Miley riding a giant hot dog, furry creatures (pedobear was not present), a dwarf and the aforementioned back up dancer dressed as Bill Clinton.

It’s probably important to note that every time she does something like this, the Oz Lotto truck drives up to her house and tips out its contents. So it’s understandable that she continues to push this public image of herself.

Though Helen Lovejoy might have a thing or two to say about it…

Photo: Phillip Chin via Getty