Miley Cyrus Declares Hannah Montana Dead on SNL

Miley Cyrus, fresh from her racy Terry Richardson photoshoot but wearing an outfit that Sinead O’Connor would almost approve of, has hosted Saturday Night Live and used her opening monologue to attempt some level of self-awareness and poke fun at both her MTV VMA performance and her Wrecking Ball video, and announce that Hannah Montana – the character who brought her the initial Disney Channel levels fame that would eventually morph into Miley 2.0 – had been murdered. That’s right, the the cute, innocent, double-life leading pop star with a heart of gold who was once Miley Cyrus is a homicide victim. Cause of death remains unknown, but police suspect a big foam finger may be involved.

Miley also appeared in a sketch set backstage at the Video Music Awards before her controversial performance, in which old Miley magically appears and warns new Miley that her twerking will eventually bring on the demise of American civilization.