God you can always just leave it up to Dad to absolutely blurt out secret plans, can’t you. Noted Dad and mullet-aficionado Billy Ray Cyrus has gone and gushed about the strong potential that a ‘Hannah Montana’ prequel will happen, and that he’d pretty much drop everything to be a part of it.

Maybe reprise his role? Or play his own twin? Or a younger version of his character, single dad Robby Ray Stewart and father to Miley‘s Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.

hannah montana prequel
Me, reading this news.

Billy Ray spilled the goss to Hollywood Life in an interview recently, saying that talks are ~happening~ and he reckons it’ll take the route of how Miley Stewart originally finds her Hannah Montana persona.

He’s also said he’d reprise his role in a heartbeat, simply because it means he can grow out his mullet again. It also means that as Miley finds her onstage identity, Billy will be finding that god-awful fake moustache he used as a “”disguise”” to protect Miley Stewart’s secret life.

I for one am most keen to see the story arc of the moustache, I need it.

Hang The Fuck On, Billy Ray Cyrus Spilled On Talks For A ‘Hannah Montana’ Prequel

Also whatever this sideburns-and-flavour-saver combo is here.

Whatever happens with these talks about the prequel that explores the origins of Hannah Montana, I can tell you right here and now that I’m about two minutes off buying myself a long, blonde wig and saying “sweet niblets” and “dang flabbit” a seriously unhealthy amount.

And if it’s all hot air coming from Billy Ray Cyrus, hoo boy he’s gonna be in trouble for kicking the rumour mill into overdrive here.

We’ll keep ya posted on whether this will actually go into production, and fingers crossed it doesn’t end up facing the same hurdles and obstacles as the Lizzie McGuire reboot. Pls God no.

Image: Getty Images / Steve Grantiz