This Footage Of Miley Cyrus Being Groped By A Fan In Public Is So Messed Up

What we see of Miley Cyrus is all the exciting and cheery happenings of her fabulous life from her red carpet appearances to her music videos to her happy Instagram snaps.

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But what we don’t see is the dark side of fame and it’s friggen’ terrifying.

A video is currently doing the ’rounds on social media, showing Cyrus walking to a vehicle with husband Liam Hemsworth while in Barcelona.

Naturally, there are dozens of screaming fans surrounding the path as she and her partner make their way to the vehicle but even her accompanying security weren’t enough to stop a fan from reaching over and grabbing Cyrus.

The guy first tries to grab the singer by her hair but when this fails, he puts his arm around her neck, almost in a headlock, and kisses her before being stopped by security.

Check out the insane footage below:

Considering Miley has been in the spotlight since birth, being the daughter of music sensation Billy Ray Cyrus then as a child star, she must be used to this kind of abuse from the general public which is a really sad reality.

Cyrus once expressed in an interview that becoming a child star via popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana was hard on her as an adolescent.

“I think now that I’m older now, I realise that’s a lot to put on a kid,” she told CBS Sunday Morning.

But all the child star training in the world could not prepare you for being groped by strangers on the street so if fans could, maybe, not treat her like a prop, that’d be great.