Queen Michelle Yeoh Told The Golden Globes Wrap-Up Music To STFU & It Actually Fkn Worked

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Beloved actress Michelle Yeoh has finally been recognised for the supreme talent that she is with a 2023 Golden Globe award.

The actress won the award for Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Television Series for her incredible performance as the lead role in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

She began her speech by gazing lovingly at the crowd and saying that she wanted to “take it all in” after 40 years of waiting for this moment.

During her speech, where she discussed the racism she encountered as an Asian actress working in Hollywood, the bastards at the Golden Globes put the music on and tried to cut her off.

But she was not having it. No, sir.

As the music began to play, she said: “Shut up, please! I can beat you up, okay?”

She then continued on with her speech and, you’ll never believe it, the music actually stopped.

The POWER she has.

Watch her full speech below:

Everything Everywhere All At Once is nominated for a flurry of awards and rightly so.

Those awards include Best Musical or Comedy, Best Director and Best Screenplay for The Daniels, Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy for Michelle Yeoh, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for Ke Huy Quan and Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Jamie Lee Curtis.

Wondering where to watch the 2023 Golden Globes? Wonder no further because local streaming giant Stan is live-streaming the whole damn thing as we speak.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is now streaming on BINGE and Foxtel.