Angry Michael Jackson Fans Sabotage IMDb Page Of Sexual Abuse Documentary

Michael Jackson

Disgruntled Michael Jackson fans appear to have sabotaged the IMDb page for the upcoming documentary Leaving Neverland, which details allegations of sexual abuse against the deceased singer by two young men.

The Dan Reed-directed film features interviews with Wade Robson, who became acquainted with Jackson via a dance competition at the age of 5, and James Safechuck, who featured in a Pepsi commercial with him at age 8.

Both men claim that Jackson abused them as pre-teens in the ’90s, and in the film, they describe graphic acts he committed on them over the course of several years. Safechuck details a series of “safety drills” the singer made him perform in case they were caught together, and a mock wedding.

Jackson denied allegations of child sexual abuse throughout his lifetime, and it appears that certain of his fans are furious at the documentary for rehashing them. Late yesterday, the official IMDb page for the film listed its title as Liar, Liar 2: The Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck Story.

Michael Jackson

The ‘Trivia’ section of the IMDb page was also edited with statements attempting to discredit the two accusers, including various assertions about how Robson appeared to publicly support Jackson before coming forward with his abuse allegations in 2013.

IMDb has not commented on who edited the page, although anyone with a registered account is able to make changes. As of earlier today, the Leaving Neverland page has reverted to its original title and the ‘Trivia’ portion has been scrubbed.

Michael Jackson first became the subject of child sexual abuse allegations in 1993, when 13-year-old Jordan Chandler accused him of molestation. While a criminal investigation into the matter was inconclusive, he settled a civil suit with Chandler’s family for $22 million in 1994.

The late singer’s estate has denounced the film as “yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson.” On Friday, a small group of fans protested outside the Egyptian Theatre, where the film screened as part of the Sundance festival.