For director Michael Bay, acceptance is the first step on his path to redemption.

Bay, who is responsible for the uber-successful Transformers franchise told Empire Magazine this week that the out-there storyline from the box office-slaying sequel, starring Isabel Lucas, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox just wasn’t very good. Or, in his words, “The real fault with [Transformers 2] is that it ran into a mystical world. When I look back at it, that was crap. The writers’ strike was coming hard and fast. It was just terrible to do a movie where you’ve got to have a story in three weeks.”

Incidentally, Bay is currently shooting the third installment of the franchise, working title Transformers: Dark Of the Moon, entirely in 3D. Maybe he’ll have a few more ideas this time around…

“I was prepping a movie for months where I only had 14 pages of some idea of what the movie was,” Bay says of Revenge Of The Fallen. “It’s a BS way to make a movie, do you know what I’m saying?”

Better late than never, right?

via /FILM