We Asked Michael From ‘Bachie’ Where He Cops All His *Toight* Shirts From

Hooo boy, mates was last night’s Bachelor In Paradise a doozy of an episode or was it a bloody bang-up, gaspy gasperson DOOZY. Have no idea what I’m talking about? I’m not clarifying – if you watched that absolute clusterfuck of an ep, you know all those made-up words make SUDDEN SENSE. There was a lot going on – but one of the first major events that kind of fell to the wayside because EDEN IS THE DEVIL INCARNATE was Michael’s dramatic exit after Lisa rejected his romantic advances.

TBH after seeming like a complete robot for the entire episode we all kind of warmed to sweet Michael toward the end here at P.TV – he wound up being one of the most genuine dudes on the island, and respectful to boot.

We sat down for a chat with old tight-shirt-mcgee (he did tell us where he cops his brilliantly fitted tops btw) to grill him on his time in Paradise.

PEDESTRIAN.TVSo we’ve gotta ask. Why did you decide to give Lisa a rose? It felt like there was no lead-up to that at all. Was there more to that story that viewers weren’t shown?

MICHAEL: Yeah I think they cut out a lot of chats and private times. You know, like me and Lisa would go for a walk on the beach and have a good chat and a laugh. I think they were focusing more on the relationship side of things with Luke, but me and Lisa spent some really good time together. Obviously not as much as I would have liked because I was with Tara when I first came in, she was the girl I met first and I sort of stayed with her. But they don’t show a lot of things. Like even when I left, I had a big chat to the group and said my goodbyes, and everyone sort of had a bit of a cry and a hug. I left on good terms with everyone you know, even Luke. I think they ran out of time. A lot does happen behind the scenes.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: So there WAS romantic stuff going on that we didn’t see?

MICHAEL: Nothing in a romantic capacity – it was always just having a chat, friendship sort of stuff. Lisa was very much with Luke most of the time, so there was no opportunity for that. It was more of a friendship thing, hanging out with her was so much fun.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: That rose ceremony was DRAMATIC. You were sipping quiiiite a few red cocktails that night. Was that you having a cheeky spew when you ran off to the grassy area?

MICHAEL: (laughs) No I did not throw up. No throwing up in paradise!

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Is there anything you want viewers to know about you, stuff that wasn’t shown or ways you were maybe misrepresented due to editing?

MICHAEL: I don’t think I was misrepresented, but I did think because of the timing of things they cut out a lot of conversation I had with girls. I get a lot of people saying to me ‘oh Michael, I can’t believe the girls sort of looked you over and didn’t want to date you’. And some did, some didn’t. But I was very honest with the girls saying when I wasn’t feeling a connection, let’s just be friends. So I definitely walked away knowing I was true to myself and you know what, I think Australia saw a more real version of me. I was more relaxed and myself than I was last time. Which Im really happy about.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: And what about now re: Lisa? Since she’s split with Luke and everything. Do you guys talk? Is anything going on romantically?

MICHAEL: I’ve spoken to Lisa a few times, we’re still very close friends. But I’m obviously respecting the situation with Luke now. It sounds like something sort of happened with them that wasn’t great. So I checked in with Lisa to see if she was okay and things like that. But we’re still very much talking. I think right now it’s just friends [with me and Lisa]. I think if something was going to happen, it would have happened already. We’re just chilling and being really good friends, and it’s just easy and stress-free.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Do you and Luke talk?

MICHAEL: I do not [speak to Luke], out of respect for them I’m staying away from Luke right now, you know down the track maybe we’ll catch up for a beer. I’m sure he’s going through some challenges and I’m just respecting his space.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: You leaving was a curve-ball. Why did you choose to walk out, when you might have gotten a rose and stuck around to meet some of the new women who are yet to arrive?

MICHAEL: I was just getting to the point where I was getting exhausted. You know, someone may have come that day or the next day, but I was just done. And I think even if someone had come in, I was probably at the point where I wouldn’t have been myself, I was just getting over the whole process. I thought, now is a good time to leave, I’m going to leave on a good note versus leaving for the wrong reasons, so that’s why I made that tough decision. And I’m glad I left, it was the right thing to do.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Do you have any regrets now that you know who else was going to come in?

MICHAEL: I mean I haven’t seen the rest of the series obviously, but from what I’ve seen in the previews I don’t think I made the wrong decision. I don’t have any regrets.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Wait, what? You haven’t seen beyond your final episode?

MICHAEL: No, I don’t know! I now become a viewer and watch it play out in real time like everyone else. It’s all going to be exciting to watch for me.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: So you don’t know anything about the ~secret engagement~ or any other drama to come?

MICHAEL: I do [know about the secret engagement], I’m very good friends with everyone in the Bachie family, and since they’ve gone outside I know all the fun, juicy stuff but obviously I can’t reveal all of that!

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Damn. Is there any juicy goss you can hint at for us?

MICHAEL: There are some really interesting moments coming up. Like when I heard about them I was like “that happened? That’s crazy! I would never have expected it from that person”. So there are some really cool things coming up and I think a lot of people will be very surprised. Obviously I’m watching the drama unfold with Elora, Simone and Apollo. Watch that space, it gets even better. Things are definitely about to happen.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: You first connected with Tara. Was that legit or just a way to get through the first week of roses?

MICHAEL: I think initially there was an attraction [with Tara]. I mean I spent a LOT of time with Tara and they didn’t show a lot of our time together, obviously they were trying to build the other relationship there. But I think it was more so that I wasn’t really feeling it, and we had a chat about it and decided let’s just be friends. And we’re still really good friends, but nothing in a romantic capacity with Tara.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Did you make any new mates during your time on the show?

MICHAEL: I’ve become very good friends with a lot of the guys. Like Sam, Sam’s someone that I got very close to as well during the show. And Eden, Jake – all these guys I hadn’t really met before and I got to spend time with them just hanging out by the pool. All the guys, Jarrod even. All very good friends now.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Have you found love since leaving?

MICHAEL: I’ve taken some time out [since leaving the show] just to reassess and recalibrate, and I’m just going to get through the show. But at this stage just doing my own thing for right now.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Can single ladies find you on the dating apps?

MICHAEL: (laughs) I have created a Tinder profile a long time ago. It’s not active. I have no intention of going onto any dating apps at this stage!

PEDESTRIAN.TV: We have to ask – you love a tight shirt. Where have you sourced your extensive collection from?

MICHAEL: I get a lot of my shirts custom made, they’re made to measure. I’m quite tall and skinny, so if I go and buy anything on the rack it’s very baggy. I do like my European fit – I get them completely custom made from a company called Will Valor in Brisbane, they do custom shirts and custom suits. Even Politix have got some good stuff as well. Will Valor and Politix are my go-to brands.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Everyone’s also been talking about you extremely white, straight teeth. Who’s your dentist?

MICHAEL: (laughs) My dentist – I’ve got a good guy in Brisbane. It’s actually really funny, now that the show’s finished I’ve had a lot of dentists reach out to me and want to help with me with my dental situation. They know my smile’s getting a lot of good press, so they’re like offering to help with dental cleaning, and things like that.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Who are the biggest drinkers on the island?

Eden did enjoy a drink or two, Eden was definitely getting on it. Keira always had a mango daquiri in her hand. Like every time I’d see Keira she was walking around in shorts and high heels with a mango daquiri, and I was like “that’s classic Keira”. But we were well behaved, there wasn’t anything crazy. And we were always given food and looked after.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: What was the best cocktail Wais the bartender made?

MICHAEL: He made the best pina coladas known to man. I had more than my fair share and put on about 2 or 3 kilos.

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