Bachie Babes Matty J & Laura Byrne Are Expecting Another BB And Yep, Kid #1’s Face Says It All

Bachie Babes Matty J & Laura Byrne Are Expecting Another BB And Yep, Kid #1's Face Says It All

In some absolutely stellar news for a change, Bachie beauties Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne are expecting another baby.

The gorg family announced the news on Instagram on Thursday afternoon, sharing some bloody adorable family photos.

“I reckon we’ve kept this little beach ball under wraps for long enough… Halfway to number 2,” Laura captioned her post.

I cannot deal with little Marlie-Mae. She’s such an ANGEL.

Matty J, meanwhile, captioned his post, “Marlie-Mae learning shocked face couldn’t have been timed any better… WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

“Please brace yourself for twice the amount of dad jokes.”


Matty J and Laura got engaged back in April of 2019, after he popped the question during a dreamy holiday in Fiji. The ridiculously attractive couple met on season five of The Bachelor Australia.

They welcomed their first bub, Marlie-Mae, the following June.

Earlier this week, the couple celebrated the three-year anniversary of their Bachelor season.

Laura posted a clip from their emotional finale, where Matty J finally confessed his love for Laura and vice versa.

Honestly, let’s relive it. I need some disgusting love in my life.

The music, though.

Matty J followed suit, sharing this lovely message on Instagram: “I’ll be honest, we both kinda forgot the finale happened 3 years ago today.”

Wait for it.

“I blame the fact that we’re still so disgustingly in love with each other it’s made our memories slightly hazy,” he continued. “…and the fact that we’re battling extreme parental fatigue.”

A huge congratulations to the family!

Meanwhile, Locky Gilbert‘s ~ journey ~ on The Bachelor continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.

If you’ve been tuning in this season, expect even more drama tonight between former best mates turned arch rivals Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis.

If you want to catch up on all the goss, aggressively click on our recap below.

The short version is: Bella kind of shot herself in the foot when she pulled Locky aside at the cocktail party to tell him about Irena’s “manipulative” side.

It, uh, did not go well for her.

Then Locky pulled Bella aside at the rose ceremony and questioned her actions, but ultimately gave her a rose.

And that’s pretty much where we’re at.