Matty J & Laura Byrne Tied The Knot In A Stunning Ceremony So I’ll Never Doubt Bachie Again

Matty J and Laura Byrne are officially hitched, proving maybe The Bachelor does work after all.

They posted some very sweet pics of the day on Insta and honestly, I’m crying a little bit RN. They look so happy! Love is real!

It looks like the pair were truly blessed with the weather: no one wants La Niña as an unexpected wedding crasher.

I also have to say I am simply obsessed with Laura’s gown. The sheer panelling? Get it on Say Yes To The Dress stat.

Also featured in the pics were the couple’s adorable wee bubbas Marlie-Mae and Lola.

The couple got a load of celebratory comments over on Insta. Laura’s Life Uncut podcast co-host Brittany Hockley wrote, “Best. Day. Avarrrrr”.

Fellow Bachie alumnis Anna Heinrich and Irena Srbinovska also commented their congratulations. I simply have to assume all the successful Bachelor couples have a group chat.

“Congratulations. You both look stunning xx,” commented Anna.

In a very similar vein, Irina wrote: “Congratulations, absolutely beautiful”.

If you’re not up to date with your Bachelor lore, Matty J and Laura met on the 2017 season. Matty J was originally runner up on Georgia Love‘s season of The Bachelorette. Ah, the circular ecosystem of Aussie reality TV.

Matty and Laura then got engaged back in 2019 while on holiday in Fiji, which IMO is the ideal place to pop the question. Not that I’m dropping hints or anything.

Matty previously revealed the wedding would feature a wee reference to The Bachelor.

“We will have roses, but they won’t be red,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

He also said Laura would arrive at the wedding in a limo with the kiddos, her bridal party and her parents.

“It’s like the same type of limo that you’d see on The Bachelor where our love story began. It’s that same vehicle that will drop Laura off along with her bridal party at the wedding.”

I never thought I’d be awww-ing at a limo, but hey — congrats to the happy couple.