Rumour Has It That 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew Was A ‘Prick’ To Chelsie McLeod Before Their Split

Remember Matt Agnew‘s season of The Bachelor? No? Yeah same. While it was anything but memorable, everyone can at least remember the public split between the astrophysicist and winner Chelsie McLeod. That’s because it ended up being quite salty, and no one really understood why they broke up. Well some new info may actually explain why.

A close friend of Chelsie told the So Dramatic! podcast that “the astrophysicist [Matt] was a real prick to her and yelled at her, and he was mean to her.” If this is true it would make Sam Wood, Matty J and Tim Robards the only GOOD Bachies and that is depressing as fuck (I obviously still love Honey Badger, but let’s face it he wasn’t a good Bach).

It’s not the first time rumours circulated about Matt’s treatment of Chelsie. Shortly after filming wrapped, fellow contestant Rachael Arahill posted a bunch of comments on Chelsie’s Insta post-breakup, insinuating that there was more to the story.

Image: Daily Mail

This new goss (or rather old goss) is back in circulation, after it was revealed that Chelsie may have a new boo who actually treats her right. His name is Ricki Dehaan and is a HOT model. The pair have posted a number of cryptic Instagram stories together, but thank god for all the relentless So Dramatic! stans, who quickly put the pieces together and discovered they were dating.

Peep this IG pic of the alleged couple (Ricki is the tall one in the back BTW.)

In December 2019, Matt and Chelsie took to Instagram to announce their split. Neither provided a definitive reason for the split, but just like any break up, there never really is. Although this new information would make a tonne of sense, because why stick with someone if they aren’t treating you right? It would also make sense that this information would be covered up, as it’s bad PR for The Bachelor brand . Look at the Frazer/Elly drama for god’s sake.

To be honest, if Channel 10 had just given us a POC or gay Bach like we’d asked, we would have never beeen in this predicament.